I Make Guitar Driven Music Sound Amazing



I offer only two services and with a focus on guitar driven music. Audio is a world of specialisation. You can't be good at everything!


Whether you recorded your rock band in a practice room or produced an indie track from your bedroom. I'll make it sound amazing!


I can transform the raw tracks recorded at any professional or home studio into amazing, polished tracks.


I can create a master that translates well into any type of listening environment.






You've spent tremendous amounts of time crafting the perfect song. All it needs now, is to be mixed and mastered. You may think "Great! Let's do that next!".

Be careful. A lacklustre mix will undo your hard work and ruin it all. Top it off with a terrible master and you'll be sure to chase your audience away.

Don't cut corners here. Mixing and mastering are vital steps in making your songs sound amazing.

I will help you with that. Your music will have that polished, radio-ready sound. You'll be proud to show it off!

In short: 

  • Want to bring out the full potential of your song?

  • Want your music to be listened to over and over?

  • Want to be proud of your work?

Then hit the button below and see if we make a good match.


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